Injury rehabilitation, injury risk assessment & chronic condition management

We are responsible for identifying and quantifying the physical and physiological characteristics that contribute to injury and the most effective methods of influencing those characteristics to enhance the likelihood of successful recovery.

Biomechanical & functional analysis

Biomechanics is the sport science field that applies the laws of mechanics and physics to human performance, in order to gain a greater understanding of performance in athletic events through modelling, simulation and measurement. Bio-mechanists study forces and the effects of those forces on and within the human body in sports-specific activities. Whenever a force is applied to the body, biomechanics can analyse and interpret its cause and effect.

Sport specific conditioning

This modality of sport science is certainly not limited to the professional sporting world. We use advanced exercise principles, techniques and concepts to elevate the results of the dedicated individual to a new level.

Body composition testing & postural analysis

Scale weight alone is a poor indicator of healthy body composition as it leaves many unknow variables and often times creates a great amount of confusion.  Know how much of your scale weight is made up of lean body mass and fat mass, with this testing we can monitor in depth diet and exercise changes – and know how these variables affect each unique individuals metabolism.   

Nutrition & supplementation consultation

Sports nutrition is a broad, interdisciplinary field that focuses on the science behind and application of proper nutrition for not only athletes individuals that require in depth analysis of all variables of nutrition. 

Weight Loss & toning

A multitude of advanced diagnostic & analysis tools are used to provide us with an in depth understanding of weight loss – body composition testing, body type testing & bio-impedance analysis.

Corporate fitness and health programmes

Whether your company employees need to focus on losing weight and becoming more healthy, manage stress and

fatigue, educational workshops and seminars, need healthy meals and smoothies or group exercise classes – we can design a tailored, focused and outcome based solutions for all needs.

Sport science workshops & seminars

e.g. Addressing lower back pain, managing stress, fatigue and blood pressure, weight loss, deep tissue & muscle release, supplement & nutritional education, how to avoid injuries etc.