Nutritional & Supplement Consultation

WHO IS THIS FOR:  Gain a greater understanding of how your body will respond to a specific diet, management of diabetes, hypertension, low blood sugar, arthritis, detoxification,

Understanding your metabolism and body type is crucial to almost all aspects of your health and wellness. We all have friends that eat what they want and just don’t seem to gain weight, whereas you may gain weight seemingly so easily.

The principle of ‘eat less, exercise more’ is one we have all heard, but we also know that weight loss is not as simple as that. The fact is, there are many ways to achieve weight loss. Our wellness professional has employed many methods of exercise and diet routines – both for himself and for his clients – ad we truly appreciate that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

In a general sense, we use body composition to monitor results and define your body type. From there we understand more about how exactly your body will respond to different types of nutrition and exercise, and plan and act accordingly.

We are often asked whether clients need supplements even if they are following a healthy diet. In short, the answer is yes. Medical science’s knowledge regarding supplementation has progressed massively in the last few years, and the consensus is that every person needs to supplement at some stage of their life, either for general wellbeing or for a specific ailment.

All our suppliers and brands of supplements that we recommend are in possession of a “GMP” (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate. This ensures the quality and dosages of supplements are monitored and tested by government, and approved by the requisite health and pharmaceutical bodies.

While you should experience no negative side effects to your supplementation routine, our specialists will advise that, as with all lifestyle, health and wellbeing changes, you being the regimen in consultation with your General Practitioner.

Services Pricing

PRICING FROM:  R349 (60 minutes)