Biomechanical & Functional Analysis

WHO IS THIS FOR:  Persons suffering from muscle tension, joint discomfort and pain, gain a physical performance increase, management of chronic conditions and injuries,

Biomechanics refer to the different mechanical movement structures of the body, while functional analysis refers to the capability of specific joints. With our years of knowledge and experience, we are able to perform these analyses and are able to provide our clients with an advanced diagnostic report of their biomechanical health.

On a practical level, what these tests will indicate is whether you have any postural deviations, the causes of muscle tension, why injuries may reoccur, causes and concerns of back pain does not rectify itself? 

After discussing the outcome and report of the diagnostics, we, in conjunction with the client, devise a holistic movement programme to correct problem areas. These programmes could include, but are not limited to, resistance exercise, stretching, functional exercise, specific corrective movements and deep tissue massage.

Services Pricing

PRICING FROM:  R349 (60 minutes)